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To limit the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented proactive steps and our staff will work remotely until further notice.  During this time we will remain fully operational.
Our phones are being monitored OR you can always reach us by email.  We appreciate your understanding and efforts as we help to keep everyone in our communities happy, safe, and healthy. Stay well, and as always, thank you.
Office Contacts:
For all Mortgagee and certificate request please email Marketing@Tomberlain.com.
Sara White swhite@tomberlain.com (Personal Lines Customers with last names that start with A-K)
Leslie Phillips Leslie@tomberlain.com (Personal Lines Customers with last names that start with L-Z)
Kristy Vine Kristy@tomberlain.com (Commercial Lines)
Steve Horton Steve@Tomberlain.com 903-241-6072 New Business
Cole Tomberlain Cole@tomberlain.com  903-806-3338 Claims
Sara Bruyere sara@tomberlain.com Insurance Carriers with Bookkeeping Questions 
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Why choose us?

Competitive Pricing

We work hard to find the best rate through all the carriers we represent.

Monthly Premiums

Flexible payment plans and low down payments.

Stability and Dependability

Financially strong with many years of experience.

Local Agent

Having a local agent can help you choose the best body and glass shops, etc.

Multiple Carriers

Representing many carriers means you never have to leave us!

Help with Your Claim

We will walk you through the claims process to make it as stress free as possible.

Did you know?


A big advantage to using an independent agent is that you can choose from many different companies rather than just one.


If you have any problems with premium payment issues, claims, or anything else, call us and we will help you! You won't have to deal with it by yourself.


You can benefit from our friendly, knowledgeable staff and rest assured that you are getting the best available price.